UNESCO forum to discuss role of Holocaust education in fighting prejudice

The conference, which will be hosted by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), will provide an opportunity to debate the role of Holocaust education in the global fight against racism and anti-Semitism. It will also allow the attending experts to discuss the need to preserve the memory of the Holocaust in areas of the world where it is less well known. Last week, the UN marked the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, which is observed annually on 27 January, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.In a declaration marking the occasion, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova emphasized the need for Holocaust education as part of the overall fight against intolerance. “Transmitting the memory of the Holocaust is a vital part of the struggle to combat ignorance and prejudice through education in humanist values, the sharing of cultures and knowledge of history,” Ms. Bokova said.“Education is a key front in this struggle and also UNESCO’s unique contribution, through our work for youth, training of teachers and curriculum design,” she added. The UNESCO conference will feature debates and lectures from leading international Holocaust experts as well as a talk delivered by Henri Borlant – a survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The forum will also feature a special ceremony focusing on the theme of “Children in the Holocaust” to pay tribute to the estimated 1.5 million children who perished during the genocide. 30 January 2012Historians and researchers will gather in Paris tomorrow for a United Nations forum designed to address the impact that Holocaust remembrance can have in stemming the tide of intolerance around the world. read more

BC First Nation says No to 115billion deal says its not a

by The Canadian Press Posted May 13, 2015 11:15 am MDT Last Updated May 13, 2015 at 8:30 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email PORT SIMPSON, B.C. – Members of a First Nation in northwestern British Columbia have rejected a $1.15-billion deal that would have paved the way for a liquefied natural gas terminal to be built in their traditional territory.The Lax Kw’alaams say their stance is about more than just money.Members voted against the Pacific NorthWest LNG project during three separate community meetings, the last of which was held Tuesday evening in Vancouver.“Hopefully the public will recognize that unanimous consensus … sends an unequivocal message,” said the band’s Mayor Garry Reece in a statement issued Wednesday. “This is not a money issue: this is environmental and cultural.”A Yes vote for Petronas-owned Pacific NorthWest LNG would have secured consent for the construction of a terminal facility on Lelu Island, south of Prince Rupert at the head of the Skeena River.The project is the proposed terminus of an LNG pipeline that would stretch from the northeastern corner of the province. The pipeline is being proposed by Prince Rupert Gas Transmission, a subsidiary of oil-and-gas giant TransCanada (TSX:TRP).Members of the Lax Kw’alaams have raised concerns over the project’s potential impact on neighbouring Flora Bank, a marine ecosystem immediately adjacent to Lelu Island and over which a pipeline-toting suspension bridge has been proposed.The First Nation says the area’s fertile eel grass beds are important habitat for maturing fish and other marine animals.Pacific NorthWest LNG submitted an initial environmental impact statement to the federal government in February 2014, but was asked a year later by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency for further information.An updated study commissioned by the company, and dated May 5, concluded the underwater infrastructure would have little long-term impact on the marine ecosystem. It used 3D modelling to simulate the impact of the bridge’s tower pilings on fish habitat.The Lax Kw’alaams band maintains it is open to business and development — including from Pacific NorthWest LNG — just not near Flora Bank.The island is Crown land and the Prince Rupert Port Authority has jurisdiction over the proposed terminal site.In its statement, the Lax Kw’alaams said the suggestion that government and the project proponent may proceed with the project without aboriginal consent would be “unfortunate.”“Only Lax Kw’alaams have a valid claim to aboriginal title in the relevant area,” Reece said. “Their consent is required for this project to proceed.”But if the First Nation band proves it has aboriginal title, Supreme Court of Canada precedent still gives the province the right to override that claim.In response to the No vote, Pacific Northwest LNG president Michael Culbert said in a statement that his company remains committed to the project and to meaningful discussion with First Nations leaders and community members.B.C. Premier Christy Clark said Tuesday that she believes it is just a matter of time before a negotiated agreement is reached with the 3,700-member First Nation.The B.C. government said it has reached pipeline-benefits agreements with 28 First Nations across the province. Of the 59 First Nations along TransCanada’s proposed LNG pipeline, only five have publicly announced they’ve signed deals with the government.Surrey-based Lax Kw’alaams member Cheryl Rose Spence voted against the proposal at Tuesday’s meeting. She said that of the more than 100 members at the gathering, only two people stood up to support accepting the multibillion-dollar offer.“There’s a fight coming,” Spence said Wednesday. “But we’re not going to stop. We’re going to keep on fighting this.”— By Geordon Omand in Vancouver B.C. First Nation says No to $1.15-billion deal, says it’s ‘not a money issue’ read more

Opinion Columbus Blue Jackets shouldnt give in to Ryan Johansens agent

Columbus Blue Jackets center Ryan Johansen (19) carries the puck up ice in front of the Florida Panthers’ Drew Shore (15) during a game at Nationwide Arena in Columbus on March 1, 2014. Columbus won, 6-3.Credit: Courtesy of MCTThe Columbus Blue Jackets would be smart to move on from Ryan Johansen. Not because they don’t need him, but because he needs them. And he’ll realize that soon enough.Following a breakout season where he posted a team-leading 63 points, Johansen has yet to sign a new deal with Columbus. He’s sitting on his restricted free agent status while his teammates have begun preseason play. All signs point to Johansen’s agent Kurt Overhardt as the reason for the contract impasse. In a recent press conference, Blue Jackets president of hockey operations John Davidson said Overhardt wanted to double a contract offer worth $6 million over two years. On Monday, a CBS Sports report said Overhardt had lowered that asking price to $2.6 million per season.The Blue Jackets have already offered $32 million over six years and $46 million over eight years, Davidson said. Overhardt rejected each offer.While team executives don’t normally publicize contract negotiations, Davidson and Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen had apparently grown tired of Overhardt’s antics.Consequently, in the midst of training camp, Columbus is no longer shaping its lines around the 22-year-old who led the team with 33 goals last season.The Blue Jackets are pushing forward and it’s a smart move from a side that holds leverage.Johansen’s numbers were abysmal through his first couple seasons. He recorded 33 points through 107 games before last year, and was a left out of the 2013 American Hockey League playoffs despite being healthy.Regardless of what happened last season, the Blue Jackets would be irresponsible to offer Johansen a hefty contract based on such a small sample size. What happens if their star center licks the envelope and mails it in next season?It seems the only agreement between Columbus and Overhardt has been on the length of the contract. Both sides are working toward a two-year deal, according to The Columbus Dispatch.Davidson said Overhardt wants his client to be paid more per year than Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn, who signed a five-year, $26.25 million contract in 2013 and had 64 more points than Johansen through his first three years in the league.While the term of Benn’s deal is longer, Davidson’s comparison between Overhardt’s wishes and Benn’s contract is enough to justify Columbus’ frustration.Johansen is foolish not to sign the Blue Jackets’ two-year, $6 million offer. The deal could position him for a huge payday if he continues his production through the 2015-16 season.Speculation suggests Overhardt is lobbying for a contract similar to Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene’s. After registering 150 points through his first three seasons, Duchene signed for $7 million over two years in June 2012.Unfortunately for Johansen, a two-year, $7 million deal is normally reserved for players who produce more than 14 goals through their first two seasons.The Blue Jackets tabling $6 million over two years is a gift to Johansen. He’s getting $3 million per year to prove he’s worth a long-term, big-money deal.But the longer Johansen waits, the more he might cut into his production for this upcoming season.He’s already missing the preseason, and while training camp isn’t the fitness wake up call it used to be, Johansen is still missing the benefit of playing alongside new linemates before the games start to mean anything.It’s time for Johansen to realize his position and sign a new deal.Columbus is ready. read more

A FiveThirtyEight Debate Whos Going To Win The World Series

25Milwaukee BrewersNLOct. 41463 26San Diego PadresNLOct. 41457 30Atlanta BravesNLOct. 41424 10Houston AstrosALOct. 141520 2Kansas City RoyalsALOct. 231558 neil_paine (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): After the long season, it all comes down to the Royals and the Mets. So, first things first, let’s just put it out there: How do these two teams compare? Kansas City had a better regular-season record (95 wins vs. 90 for New York), but what do the deeper indicators say?hjenten (Harry Enten, senior political writer and huge baseball fan): Well, let me take the surface-layer answer here as a non-sportswriter (though one who follows some of the deeper statistics) — based off runs scored and allowed (i.e., the Pythagorean win formula), the teams are very close. The Royals should have won 90 games, while the Mets should have won 89 games.rob (Rob Arthur, baseball columnist): I would echo Harry and say that the teams are quite even. BaseRuns gives the Mets a small but significant edge, but the Royals relief corps plays up in the postseason, when they can use their top three relievers more.hjenten: I think that, of course, ignores the fact that the Mets were a far different team after they traded for Yoenis Cespedes in late July. The Mets went a combined .627 in August, September and October, while the Royals went .567.neil_paine: Rob, to your point, it seems like the Royals used “sequencing” to their advantage, but there may be reason to think that at least some of that is real and can persist in the World Series?rob: The Royals are a very contact-oriented team, with the lowest strikeout percentage in the majors by a large margin. They are also excellent against high-velocity fastballs, which pitchers often go to when they are in a jam. Those attributes may give them a tiny edge in terms of sequencing, but there’s no question that they’ve been overachieving as well.neil_paine: And for what it’s worth, it should probably be mentioned that the Royals played a tougher schedule (certainly during the regular season); Baseball-Reference.com’s Simple Rating System has the Royals ranked 10th in baseball in strength of schedule and the Mets 29th, which probably feeds into the difference in their Elo ratings even now: hjenten: Of course, the Mets just beat the team that had the NL’s best Elo rating going into the league championship series, the Cubs …neil_paine: That’s true — Elo gave the Cubs about a 60 percent chance of winning that series, and the Mets won (swept!!) anyway; now Elo gives KC a 55 percent chance of beating New York, so grain of salt and all that.Harry, you brought up a difference in the two teams as the season went on. Obviously the Mets added Cespedes at the trade deadline, but the Royals also did some dealing — some of which has worked out better than others.rob: The Royals grabbed Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrist at the deadline. And while Zobrist has been his typical self — with a .933 postseason OPS (on-base plus slugging) — Cueto has not looked comfortable. It’s hard to tell how much of that is normal performance fluctuation and how much is real. There are reasons that Cueto might not be at his best: a new catcher in Salvador Perez, the fatigue of a long season and many innings, and the ever-present threat of a hidden injury.hjenten: Yes, and the Royals were actually slightly worse in the final few months of the year than they were overall. The Mets, on the other hand, were clearly better after those trades.neil_paine: How much of that do we think is because the Royals all but locked up the division and the playoffs so early? And maybe more to that point, how much credence do we give to playing your best baseball right now? Certainly that’s what the Mets seem to be doing.rob: I don’t put very much stock in the second-half stats, partially because the Mets put up those stats against the weakest second-half schedule in MLB. As for the more recent postseason performance, a lot of the Mets’ playoff run has been fueled by an insane stretch from Daniel Murphy, which likely will not continue.It’s also worth noting that Cespedes is injured, so if he’s the cause of their second-half surge, the Mets may be in trouble.hjenten: Well, here’s why I would put a little more trust in the late-season records. Yes, the Mets beat up on some crummy teams, but they also went 7-2 against the Nationals from July 31 on and more than whacked the ever-loving snuff out of some of those bad teams. They scored 320 runs and gave up 243 (a 103-win pace, according to Pythagoras); meanwhile, the Royals scored 290 and gave up 269 (an 87-win pace). In other words, NY was playing far better ball than KC over the season’s final two-plus months.And it’s not like Kansas City has dominated the postseason, either. If not for a miracle against Houston, they’d be sitting at home like we are. As for Cespedes — yeah, he got hurt in that final game, but I haven’t seen any signs that he’s not going to play. We’ll see.neil_paine: Since you guys mentioned Cueto, Murphy and Cespedes, let’s talk about the Mets’ hitting against the Royals’ pitching. I think we can all agree that Murphy will eventually cool down and stop hitting like a real-life Roy Hobbs, so where will the Mets’ offense come from when that happens? Do they have any players on cold streaks that might regress to the mean (in a positive way) and cover for Murphy?rob: One reason for Mets optimism is the fact that so many of their players have been underachieving in the postseason: David Wright, Lucas Duda and Travis d’Arnaud all spring to mind. So even if (when!) Murphy cools off, one of these guys might step it up. They have an OK offense by BaseRuns, so they shouldn’t need Murphy to be superhuman forever.hjenten: I think we’re obviously dealing with small sample sizes in the playoffs, but during the regular season, the Mets’ best hitter was not Daniel Murphy. D’Arnaud (who hit two homers in the NLCS) posted a 128 OPS+ in limited action, and Mike Conforto (who homered in the division series) had a 132 OPS+. Obviously Duda (132) and Cespedes (157) were also outstanding hitters. Duda had been in a slump, but he showed some signs of life in Game 4. To me, the offense is less of a question than whether Jacob deGrom, Thor and Matt Harvey can continue to pitch as well as they have been doing.neil_paine: We’ll certainly get to those three later, but before we do: Is KC’s rotation as concerning as it might seem? Can its dominating bullpen make up for it?rob: The Royals’ rotation is worrisome, especially with Cueto potentially being in trouble. But as you mentioned, Neil, the Royals have the tools to make up for their shaky starters: an incredible defense (best in MLB last year by a HUGE margin) and a top-notch group of relievers. Here, too, the Royals may be able to take advantage of sequencing, by putting their good relievers in at the moments when the lead is most threatened. (This relies on Ned Yost knowing when to put his best relievers in, but he’s been much improved in that regard of late — Game 6 of the ALCS aside.)I think it will come down to whether the Mets can chase the Royals starters early and expose the weaker members of the bullpen. Because once it gets to their best relievers in the late innings, the Royals become very hard to beat.hjenten: And the Mets bullpen, outside of Jeurys Familia, is quite troubling. Their eighth-inning man, Tyler Clippard, has been anything but steady, giving up three runs in 4 2/3 innings this postseason. (That’s after giving up 10 runs in 14 2/3 innings in September/October.) And their lefty specialist is Jon Niese, who was rubbish as a starter. I’d say their best pitcher out of the pen at this point (besides Familia) is Bartolo Colon. That’s never a good sign.rob: Don’t underestimate Fireman Bart!neil_paine: But we’d be remiss if we didn’t also point out that the Mets’ starting rotation of deGrom, Syndergaard, Harvey (you mentioned these guys earlier, Harry) and Steven Matz have been otherworldly in the postseason so far. I crunched the numbers, and New York is allowing the second-lowest playoff FIP (fielding independent pitching) — relative to the league average — of any pennant winner during the wild-card era (since 1995).Rob, you talked about the overwhelming velocity of New York’s starters when the Mets played the Cubs in the NLCS and how the strikeout-prone Cubs might have been particularly ill-equipped to deal with their heat. But now we almost have the polar opposite kind of lineup with the Royals.rob: Right, the Royals are contact-heavy. And there’s some limited evidence that they are better than average at hitting heat. So as far as the matchup between the Mets’ starters and KC’s lineup, this looks to be strength against strength, and it’s not at all clear how that battle will end up.It’s worth noting as well that temperature plays a significant role in offense, and it should be pretty chilly.hjenten: On the weather front: Going for a low of 49 in KC on Tuesday night, 40 on Wednesday night. 42 in NYC on Friday night. 45 on Saturday night. So it will not be warm.rob: Cold temperatures mean less offense, so when you mix the cold, high velocity and the quality Mets starters, we could see the Royals doing a lot more whiffing than they are used to.hjenten: The Mets’ great starting pitching is not a fluke, either. During the regular season, deGrom had a 2.70 FIP, Harvey 3.05, Syndergaard 3.25. Matz was the worst, with 3.61 in limited time — still 7 percent better than the NL average. That stands in contrast to the Royals’ starters (during their time with KC): Only Ventura (3.57 FIP) was better than any of the Mets starters were during the regular season.neil_paine: Through that lens, it looks like a pretty big mismatch of starting rotations.hjenten: Now, can the Royals, who hit for contact, avoid that? Maybe. As you mentioned, the home-run-hitting Cubs were the opposite of the Royals in that regard. The key for the Royals is to get into that Mets bullpen early. If they can, the Mets are in trouble.rob: And bear in mind that FIP won’t be totally fair to the Royals’ pitchers. Because their pitchers aren’t fielding-independent: Every liner they give up goes toward Lorenzo Cain or Alcides Escobar or some other, similar-competent defender.neil_paine: That’s a great point, Rob. Although relative to the league, the Royals in this postseason actually look worse by ERA than by FIP!hjenten: Here’s another thing. Compared with the regular-season numbers for deGrom (2.54 ERA), Harvey (2.71), Syndergaard (3.24) and Matz (2.27), the only Royals starter with a better ERA than any of them was Chris Young, at 3.06. No one else was under 3.50. (And it isn’t as though the average ERAs for the AL and NL were drastically different — the NL’s ERA was about a tenth of a run lower.)rob: Ha — well there goes that idea.neil_paine: We mentioned the cold and how it might not be conducive for hitting. Does this give an edge to a team like the Royals, who are pretty adept at the small-ball things that win one-run games? Or have we seen enough of that out of the Mets this postseason (even if it’s uncharacteristic, given their regular season) that it might not be as much of a lopsided matchup on the basepaths?hjenten: The Mets didn’t really run in the regular season, with only 51 stolen bases (worst in the NL). Meanwhile, the Royals stole 104 times (second in the AL). But in the postseason, you’re right, it’s different: The Mets have had nine steals, while the Royals have had seven. Cespedes can run, and Granderson can definitely run (three stolen bases in the NLCS).rob: In theory, the Mets have the baserunning edge anyway. That’s hard to believe when you look at specific players like Lorenzo Cain (who scored the series-winning run from first on a single in Game 6 of the ALCS), but bear in mind that Cain is counterbalanced to some extent by Kendrys Morales, Mike Moustakas and others.neil_paine: So it sounds like that won’t be as much of an edge for KC as it’s often made out to be.rob: Yep. I think a lot will hinge on the Royals’ appetite for (and execution of) those small-ball tactics (like sacrifice bunts) that are despised by modern sabermetrics. It works for them — or at least it has worked, over and over — but the percentages suggest that it isn’t helping them in the long run. We’ll have to see whether Kansas City’s magic runs out.hjenten: And all it takes is one play in the World Series.neil_paine: OK, so let’s bring it all the way back for the big picture on the Series itself. What are your predictions?rob: I will say Royals in seven, but let’s be realistic: A 55 percent favorite (as Elo estimates) is barely a favorite at all. The outcome is almost certainly within the margin of error of any publicly available forecasting tool.So it will not surprise me whichever way this goes. And after this postseason, I am just excited to see some more weird baseball.hjenten: I also want to say the Royals in seven. But to be different, I will say Mets in five.neil_paine: OK, you heard it here first — Royals in seven … maybe.Thanks for chatting, guys, and we’ll be back later in the World Series. See you then! 1Toronto Blue JaysALOct. 231565 12San Francisco GiantsNLOct. 41516 7Los Angeles DodgersNLOct. 151530 17Tampa Bay RaysALOct. 41502 9Texas RangersALOct. 141523 11Baltimore OriolesALOct. 41517 19Arizona DiamondbacksNLOct. 41487 23Oakland AthleticsALOct. 41465 8Cleveland IndiansALOct. 41523 RANKTEAMLEAGUELAST PLAYEDELO RATING 13New York YankeesALOct. 61516 16Boston Red SoxALOct. 41509 14Los Angeles Angels of AnaheimALOct. 41511 Why should politics get to have all the fun with chats? In preparation for the World Series, which starts Tuesday, we summoned the biggest baseball obsessives on FiveThirtyEight’s staff to Slack to talk about the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals. As usual, the transcript below has been lightly edited. 5Chicago CubsNLOct. 211546 20Seattle MarinersALOct. 41487 29Cincinnati RedsNLOct. 41436 15Washington NationalsNLOct. 41509 28Philadelphia PhilliesNLOct. 41437 22Detroit TigersALOct. 41466 21Chicago White SoxALOct. 41478 27Colorado RockiesNLOct. 41450 3Pittsburgh PiratesNLOct. 71554 6St. Louis CardinalsNLOct. 131542 18Minnesota TwinsALOct. 41500 24Miami MarlinsNLOct. 41463 4New York MetsNLOct. 211546 read more

Fourth season of the WRHL to begin

← Previous Story Heinevetter remains loyal to Fuchse Berlin! Next Story → Maja Zebic launched a personal website The fourth season of the Women’s Regional Handball League is to begin. Without Hypo, Krim and Podravka, but under Slovenian guidance and website in English(?), and with 8 clubs, from Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. The biggest favorite for the title is Buducnost Podgorica, followed by Zajecar and Metalurg. The rest of the league is comprised of Jagodina, Zito Prilep, Knjaz Milos, Radnicki and Biser Pljevlja.The first match is between Jagodina and Biser, and on Tuesday is played an old derby, Radnicki vs Buducnost. In the other games, Zito Prilep is playing Zajecar, while Metalurg hosts Knjaz Milos. read more

Ultrathin 15inch MacBook Pro to have Retina Display USB 30

first_imgAnyone expecting the rumors of Apple dumping the MacBook Pro and introducing larger MacBook Airs is going to be disappointed if 9To5Mac’s sources are correct. Apple is planning to revamp the Pro range of laptops, but the design is remaining in line with what has gone before.Apparently, Apple has managed to redesign the 15-inch MacBook Pro to be an ultra-thin version of the 2008 design, suggesting there will continue to be a very clear distinction between the Air and Pro hardware.So how do you slim the Pro down to class as “ultra-thin”? You first of all remove the optical drive and the Ethernet port. Instead you offer a USB Superdrive for those that need it and an adaptor for plugging in an Ethernet cable. Both are going to be acceptable compromises to make for the majority of users wanting a new Pro.What will definitely get MacBook fans reaching for their credit cards is the line-up of features this new MacBook Pro will sport. Top of the billing is a Retina Display that is being described as “stunning.” The resolution is high enough that Apple has decided it no longer needs to offer resolution options to the user in the form of numbers. Instead, you’ll be choosing between small, big, and optimal sizes.The new Pro is also expected to include multiple Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports. The inclusion of USB 3.0 is thought to be because Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge chips have support for it built-in, plus it allows anyone upgrading to continue to use any USB 2.0 peripherals they have with the new machine.We’ve already covered the Geekbench benchmarks for a supposed Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro earlier today. What we didn’t know was what GPU Apple has decided to pair the processor with. Apparently, it is going to be the Nvidia GT 650M GPU, meaning this Core-i7 machine is going to offer up some serious performance regardless of what task you are asking it to perform.Read more at 9To5Maclast_img read more

Baby ban for Malaysia Air

first_imgFollowing complaints from first class passengers, Malaysia Airlines is set to ban babies from travelling in first class on the airline’s new Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-400 fleet.The baby ban is a reaction to first class passengers having a gutful of crying infants while they are sipping on their champagne, according to the Australia Business Traveller. They said that they have spent a lot of money and still aren’t able to sleep due to crying babies. The airline has decided not to install bassinets in the first class cabin of its Boeing 747-400 fleet.They said those wishing to travel with babies must do so in business or economy sections where bassinets will be made available. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Riot police evicts exemployees from ERT

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram A few hours after riot police ex-removed employees of former public broadcaster ERT from the service’s headquarters in Athens in a pre-dawn raid, the the main opposition left wing party SYRIZA submitted a censure motion against the government. This means that a vote will be held in Parliament by midnight on Sunday, with the New Democracy-PASOK coalition hoping that its five-seat majority will be enough to avoid its collapse. Already on Thursday, Democratic Left (DIMAR) leader Fotis Kouvelis appeared to cast doubt on whether his party, once part of the coalition, would back SYRIZA’s motion. Riot police raided ERT’s headquarters shortly after 4 a.m. local time on Thursday this week and forced out around 50 former employees who had been inside. Four of the employees were detained for questioning but then released, according to police who fired tear gas to disperse a crowd that had gathered outside. There were no reports of widespread violence but two SYRIZA MPs complained of being beaten by police officers and sprayed with tear gas. Government spokesperson Simos Kedikoglou said the ERT building had been “under illegal occupation,” noting that the aim of the raid had been to “enforce the law and restore legality.” But SYRIZA MPs were furious, condemning the evacuation as “illegal” and “a coup.” Deputy Culture Minister Pantelis Kapsis, who is overseeing ERT’s overhaul, said that a new permanent broadcaster, Nerit, will start operating early next year. Source: ekathimerinilast_img read more

Prairie hires Smith to replace Aldridge as girls coach

first_imgNew Prairie girls basketball coach Mike Smith Mike Smith understands this is not the typical high school coaching transaction.As the new coach of the Prairie girls basketball team, Smith will not have a whole lot of time to get a feel for the job. There will not be a breaking-in period.There is no rebuilding process for the Prairie Falcons.“I’m not going to expect anything less from these girls than Al did,” Smith said Monday afternoon.Smith, a former head coach for the Heritage boys as well as a state champion head coach in Alaska, has been hired to replace Al Aldridge.“I’m going to be under the microscope. That’s part of the job,” Smith said, noting there is pressure in all aspects of life. “Hopefully it’s a life lesson I can teach the girls.”Smith will take over the Class 3A defending champions — Aldridge’s sixth state title with the Falcons. Aldridge resigned last month after winning 710 games in 32 seasons at Prairie.“A lot of people think it’s kind of crazy,” Smith said. “We all know Al’s history. I just felt it’s a great opportunity. With my background and experience, I don’t think, I know I can do this job. It’s an awesome opportunity and really looking forward to getting there and doing my best job.”last_img read more

Pueblo Chemical Depot Reuse Plan Focuses on Manufacturing Logistics Storage

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Almost half of the 15,850 acres the LRA for the Pueblo Chemical Depot is responsible for developing would be devoted to industrial uses, including manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, under the draft redevelopment plan released for the central Colorado site last month.Other primary uses would include R&D, education, agricultural research, renewable energy production and open space. Industrial uses would take advantage of the depot’s central location, existing road and rail networks, and its 600-plus storage igloos.“This is where the fun part begins,” PuebloPlex CEO and President Russell DeSalvo said at a public meeting. “This has the potential over time to expand our real estate base, our economy and our property tax base,” DeSalvo said, reported the Pueblo Chieftain.Officials outlined a variety of possible uses for the site that would fit with the draft plan:a business park, with a truck plaza, hotels and shops;a storage and maintenance depot for rail cars;a training facility for law enforcement;manufacturing plants;solar arrays and wind turbines;a research center for hemp or marijuana; andstorage facilities for residents or industry.At the same time, they stressed the ultimate uses for the depot could change dramatically, given the size of the property and the possibility of new technologies.“This is one of the largest redevelopment projects in the United States,” said Celeste Warner, vice president and director of planning for Matrix Design Group, which prepared the reuse plan. “The key is to remain flexible.”In addition to the acreage DOD already has declared surplus, the LRA likely will gain control of the remaining 7,000 acres at the depot now being used to destroy the nation’s chemical weapons stockpile.“The buildout wouldn’t occur for 100 years,” Warner said.One key hurdle to implementing the reuse plan is the aging infrastructure at the 74-year-old depot targeted for closure in 1988, according to the story. The plan’s success also depends on the construction of a new interchange at U.S. 50 providing access to PuebloPlex.last_img read more

2020 MercedesAMG CLA35 is a 302hp allwheeldrive New York debut

first_img Post a comment New York Auto Show 2019 65 Photos Mercedes-Benz is introducing two cars at the New York Auto Show that are small in stature yet big in terms of performance. Along with the Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan, the German automaker also revealed the 2020 CLA35, the hotter version of the brand-new CLA-Class sedan.Aside from its more rakish roofline, the AMG CLA35 isn’t too different from the A35 on which it’s based. The CLA35 uses the same 2.0-liter, turbocharged I4 engine, producing the same 302 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. A seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission handles shifting duties, and 4Matic all-wheel drive is standard. The CLA35 gets the same AMG sport suspension, variable sport steering and larger brakes as the A35. Mercedes says the CLA35 is ever-so-slightly quicker to accelerate, however, with the company estimating a 4.6-second 0-to-60 mile-per-hour time, compared with 4.7 seconds in the A35.Enlarge ImageThe CLA35 is just a slightly more rakish A35 sedan. Steven Pham/Roadshow Like the A35, the CLA35 will come with lots of onboard tech, including Mercedes’ latest MBUX infotainment software. MBUX includes a pair of 10.2-inch screens, one serving as a digital instrument cluster, the other housing the main infotainment interface, with touch responsiveness as well as natural speech voice commands.Other interior niceties include sport seats (or optional AMG Performance chairs), a panoramic sunroof and three-zone climate control. You also get the CLA’s 64-color ambient lighting, which makes the cabin look absolutely killer at night.The CLA35 certainly sounds like a great package, but then again, so does the A35. Many Roadshow staffers prefer the cleaner lines of the A35, with its rear-headroom-sparing roofline. And since the CLA35 will likely command a bit more money — for no real performance benefit — we’ll be curious to see how the two models coexist. Of course, the same can be said for the standard A220 and its CLA220 stablemate.Look for the 2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA35 to hit US dealerships in late 2019. May 29 • 2020 Ford Escape: Everything there is to know Tags Performance Cars Luxury cars Apr 19 • Volkswagen’s US CEO says around $25,000 would be a smart price for a small pickup Apr 19 • Acura MDX PMC Edition is a hand-assembled SUV in brilliant red paint 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque review: Style, now with more substance See All 0 More From Roadshow • Originally published April 8.Update, April 17: Adds new photos from the show floor. 2019 Volkswagen Arteon review: VW’s CC followup is more than just a carbon copy reading • 2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA35 is a 302-hp, all-wheel-drive New York debut Apr 19 • Check out the gory details in Honda’s IIHS crash-tested HR-V Share your voice 2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA35: Sleek style and potent punch New York Auto Show 2019 Mercedes-Benz New Lexus RX 450h adopts radical style, retains stellar hybrid fuel economy Mercedes-Benzlast_img read more

Alaska SeaLife Center Names Sea Lion Pup

first_imgA very special Stellar sea lion pup got a name last week at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. He’s the result of a special breeding and research program looking into the decline of the endangered marine mammals in the state.Download Audiolast_img

Alaska News Nightly Tuesday Jan 26 2016

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at alaskapublic.org and on Twitter @aprn.Download Audio Alaska’s Future campaign urges lawmakers to tap Permanent FundJosh Edge, APRN – AnchorageAn unlikely coalition of Alaskans, ranging from business and union leaders, to Alaska Native Corporations and past politicians, are launching the Alaska’s Future campaign. The initiative is promoting long-term solutions to the state’s fiscal crisis, and the group says the Permanent Fund needs to play a crucial role.Alaska job forecast holds steady despite plunging oil pricesRachel Waldholz, APRN – AnchorageIn its annual forecast, out this month, the Alaska Department of Labor predicts modest job losses in the year ahead. Those losses are expected to be concentrated in the oil and gas industry; in state government and in the construction industry. If the forecast is right, it will be the first net job loss the state has seen since 2009. But the Department anticipates the decline will be less than one percent.Proposal to boost min. enrollment makes little headwayHannah Colton, KDLG – DillinghamA controversial proposal to increase minimum school enrollment seems unlikely to pass this session, if such a bill even materializes.Rash of car thefts unnerves AnchorageZachariah Hughes, KSKA – AnchorageSixteen cars were stolen in a single 24-hour period in Anchorage, starting yesterday and running through this morning.Juneau weaver adds to family legacy of Chilkat robesElizabeth Jenkins, KTOO – JuneauThe Portland Art Museum in Oregon has commissioned a Tlingit Chilkat robe from a Juneau weaver — adding a fourth generation to a lineage of weaving students and teachers.Bronze artist Pat Garley received Governor’s AwardEllen Lockyer, KSKA – AnchorageThe technique of bronze casting goes back thousands of years, but it has found a more recent home in Alaska. Sculptor Pat Garley, a former contractor, has switched to art for his livelihood, and he is now populating Alaska buildings and parks with his metal designs. Garley is one of the recipients of the 2016 Governor’s Awards for the Arts and Humanities.last_img read more

Doomsday Scientists say humanity could be wiped out from the planet in

first_img[Representational image]Creative CommonsA few days back, during an exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC had claimed that the atmospheric conditions in the modern world are very similar to the scenario during the ‘Great Dying’ moments that happened 250 million years ago. Now, climate scientists David Spratt and Ian Dunlop have sensationally claimed that climate change is going to pose an existential threat to humans in the coming decades.As per these climate researchers, humans will not survive past 2050 if the atmospheric temperature rises by three degree Celsius. These researchers also predict that 55 percent of the world’s populations across 35 percent of its land area will experience more than 20 days of deadly heat in the coming decades.Spratt and Dunlop made these remarks on their report named ‘Existential climate-related security risk: A scenario approach’. In the report, researchers revealed that this increase in atmospheric temperature will result in the collapse of the ecosystem, and thus humanity will face the chaos of all times.”A number of ecosystems collapse, including coral reef systems, the Amazon rainforest and in the Arctic. Some poorer nations and regions, which lack the capacity to provide artificially-cooled environments for their populations, become unviable. Deadly heat conditions persist for more than 100 days per year in West Africa, tropical South America, the Middle East, and South-East Asia, contributing to more than a billion people being displaced from the tropical zone,” wrote the researchers in the study report, Express.co.uk reports. The research report also added that the scale of destruction that will be inflicted by climate change is so deadly, and it will undoubtedly bring about a doomsday scenario to the earth.In the meantime, Curtis Deutsch, a researcher at the University of Washington has claimed that animals living in the equatorial region are more likely to survive when compared to living beings in the polar region. As per Deutsch, equatorial animals can move towards the polar region in search of a cooler atmosphere, but animals in the polar region will find it hard to discover extremely cool areas to dwell.last_img read more

Geek deals Save 25 on your first two months of mobile service

first_imgEach plan offered by TPO Mobile has two different prices depending on whether or not you use their AutoPay system. Without AutoPay, the Noble plan’s normal monthly price is $30. But if you associate a valid credit card with your account, and authorize automatic monthly payments, the Noble plan is only $25 per month. Whichever you prefer, coupon code “TPONOBLE25” will still save you 25% off for your first two months.After you select your plan, the TPO Mobile website will walk you through the process of determining if your existing phone will work with the service. Both CDMA and GSM phones will work with TPO, but devices locked to certain carriers won’t be compatible.Once you’ve confirmed that your device will work, you can either activate your CDMA phone, or order a SIM card for your GSM device. And since you can keep your existing number, the transition to a new carrier couldn’t be smoother.On top of all of the other benefits, 10% of your monthly bill goes to a good cause. TPO has partnered with dozens of charitable organizations (like Autism Speaks, Habitat for Humanity, and the ASPCA), and you get to decide which one will benefit from your monthly payment.Note: The listed prices don’t include any taxes, fees, and surcharges that may apply depending on where you live. Terms, conditions, and restrictions do apply — see the TPO site for full details.Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the Geek Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at commerce@ziffdavis.com.For more great deals head over to TechBargains. Tired of the massive monthly bills with your current cell service? Don’t hesitate to switch to a provider that delivers what you need at a reasonable rate. TPO Mobile offers a wide selection of service plans, and you won’t be tied down with an annual contract. Better yet, today’s coupon code will save you 25% off your first two months with unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 2GB of data.Save 25% on your first two months with TPO Mobile’s Noble Plan (Coupon code: TPONOBLE25)last_img read more

FDA releases plan to ease restrictions on gay blood donation

first_img Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   WASHINGTON (AP) — The Food and Drug Administration is outlining its plan to end the nation’s lifetime ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men, a 32-year-old policy that many medical groups and gay activists say is no longer justified.The FDA on Tuesday released proposed guidelines for screening blood donors at increased risk of carrying HIV. Under the proposal, the current blanket ban on donations from gay men would be replaced with a policy barring donations from men who have had sex with another man in the last year. The Obama administration previously announced the policy shift in December. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober The FDA concluded that moving to a one-year deferral period would not compromise the safety of the U.S. blood supply, based on data from Australia and other sources.The lifetime donation ban dates from the early years of the AIDS crisis and was initially intended to protect the blood supply from what was a then little-understood disease.On the current blood donor questionnaire, men are asked if they have ever had sex with another man since 1977– the start of the AIDS epidemic in the U.S. Potential donors who answer positively are barred from donating blood. The updated questionnaire, proposed by the FDA, would only ask men if they have had sex with another man in the last 12 months.The FDA will take comments on the draft proposal for 60 days, before beginning to finalize the guidelines.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Parents, stop beating yourself up New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of If finalized, the new policy would put the U.S. in line with other countries that enforce a one-year deferral period on donations from sexually active gay men, including Australia, Japan and the U.K.Gay activists, however, continued to question whether requiring a year of celibacy from gay men amounts to a significant policy shift.Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. gay rights group, said the FDA’s plan was a step in the right direction, but that it would continue to stigmatize gay and bisexual men.“This policy prevents men from donating life-saving blood based solely on their sexual orientation rather than actual risk to the blood supply,” said David Stacy, the group’s government affairs director, in a statement.Many medical groups, including the American Medical Association, have previously said that the lifetime ban is no longer supported by science, given advances in HIV testing. In 2006 the Red Cross, the American Association of Blood Banks, and America’s Blood Centers called the ban “medically and scientifically unwarranted.”All U.S. blood donations are screened for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. But there is a roughly 10-day window between initial infection and when the virus can be detected in the bloodstream. The American Red Cross estimates the risk of getting an HIV-positive blood donation is 1 in 1.5 million for U.S. patients. About 15.7 million blood donations are collected in the U.S. each year. Top Stories 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Centerlast_img read more

US sees progress on currency cyberspace issues with China

first_img Top Stories China pushed back against U.S. criticism of its conduct in the South China Sea, where its assertive behavior and land reclamation to advance its territorial claims have rattled its Asian neighbors, U.S. allies among them. China says the disputed areas are its sovereign territory.Washington took the unusual step last month of publicizing a U.S. military surveillance flight that showed the massive scale of China’s island-building, which critics also say is damaging to the marine environment.“There is no crisis in the South China Sea,” said Zheng Zeguang, assistant minister of foreign affairs, adding that China’s behavior was “beyond reproach.” He said it should not be an issue between the U.S. and China because the U.S. is not a claimant.Despite their differences on maritime security, the U.S. and China said Wednesday they are stepping up cooperation on preserving the ocean and combating illegal fishing in the North Pacific. Both sides are also emphasizing their joint efforts on combating climate change.____Associated Press writers Paul Wiseman and Nancy Benac contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Secretary of State John Kerry shakes hands with China’s State Councilor Yang Jiechi during the Strategic Track Ocean meeting during the US China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED), Wednesday, June 24, 2015, at the State Department in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States claimed progress Wednesday with China on currency issues and toward negotiating a code of conduct for cyberspace after two days of high-level talks that underscored sharp differences but paved the way for a visit by China’s leader in the fall.President Barack Obama rounded out the annual U.S.-China Security and Economic Dialogue by raising concerns to leaders of the Chinese delegation about Chinese cyber behavior and tensions over disputed seas of East Asia that have weighed on efforts by the two powers to forge a more cooperative relationship. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall “He urged China to take concrete steps to lower tensions,” the White House said in a statement after the meeting.While Secretary of State John Kerry described the U.S.-China as “ascending,” he said cyber intrusions have raised security questions and harmed U.S. businesses. He said the two countries should be working together for a shared understanding of appropriate state behavior in cyberspace.Kerry said there are acceptable international norms of behavior. “We need to work together in order to define those, and then live by them. I think that message was clearly delivered and received and hopefully that work will begin in earnest very, very quickly,” he told reporters.In the past two years, mounting U.S. pressure on cyber issues has had little apparent impact on Chinese behavior. Obama raised it directly with Chinese President Xi Jinping when he last visited the U.S. in 2013, but allegations of state-backed cybertheft and espionage have only intensified.Administration officials have said they are increasingly confident that China’s government was responsible for a massive breach of personnel records of as many as 14 million of federal employees and contractors. But the administration has stopped short of publicly blaming the break-in on China. Comments   Share   5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist State Councilor Yang Jiechi said China cracks down on hacking and is ready to cooperate with the U.S. on cybersecurity. But he urged the U.S. to “respect facts.” China has directly denied involved in the massive breach of date from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew cited significant progress on a longstanding U.S. concern that China’s currency is undervalued against the dollar, which helps Chinese exporters.He acknowledged that the renminbi, or RMB, has appreciated in value and said that China’s foreign exchange intervention has declined over the past year. He said China has committed to intervene in the foreign exchange market only when necessitated by disorderly market conditions.But he added that the “real test” would be when there’s upward pressure on the RMB.“Will China refrain from intervening? That is still an open issue,” Lew said. “They still need to work toward having a fully market-determined exchange rate.”He also voiced U.S. concerns over access to Chinese markets, and said the two sides had a long way to go in negotiating a bilateral investment treaty. He said they had agreed to narrow their respective lists of sectors that would be exempted from foreign investment by early September, when Xi visits Washington. Sponsored Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

United Airlines expands industryleading commitment to biofuel

first_imgUnited Airlines expands industry-leading commitment to biofuelUnited Airlines today further strengthened its emerging reputation as the world’s most environmentally conscious airline by renewing its contract with Boston-based World Energy, agreeing to purchase up to 10 million gallons of cost-competitive, commercial-scale, sustainable aviation biofuel over the next two years. The biofuel, which United currently uses to help sustainably power every flight departing its Los Angeles hub, achieves a greater than 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions on a lifecycle basis.United’s contract renewal follows the airline’s original purchase agreement in 2013, helping United make history in 2016 when it became the first airline in the world to use sustainable aviation biofuel on a continuous basis. United is currently the only U.S. airline to use biofuel in its regular operations. World Energy’s biofuel is made from agricultural waste and has received sustainability certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials.World Energy recently announced that it will invest $350 million to fully convert its Paramount, California, facility to renewable diesel and sustainable aviation jet fuel, bringing its total capacity to more than 300 million gallons of production annually at that location, one of the company’s six low-carbon fuel manufacturing plants.“Investing in sustainable aviation biofuel is one of the most effective measures a commercial airline can take to reduce its impact on the environment,” said Scott Kirby, United’s president. “As leaders in this space, United and World Energy are setting an example for the industry on how innovators can work together to bring our customers, colleagues and communities toward a more sustainable future.”“Great companies lead,” said Gene Gebolys, World Energy’s chief executive officer. “We are honored to renew our commitment to United to advance their efforts to drive change to a lower carbon future.”United’s contract renewal with World Energy will further assist the airline in achieving its recently announced commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050. United’s pledge to reduce emissions by 50% relative to 2005 represents the equivalent of removing 4.5 million vehicles from the road, or the total number of cars in New York City and Los Angeles combined. United’s biofuel supply agreements represent more than 50% of the commercial aviation industry’s total agreements for sustainable aviation biofuel.United’s Commitment to the EnvironmentUnited’s latest investment in sustainable aviation biofuel, along with its commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, represents yet another innovative initiative the airline has undertaken to minimize its impact on the environment. Several of United’s most significant environmental achievements include:* Becoming the first airline to fly with Boeing’s Split Scimitar winglets, which reduce fuel consumption by an additional 2% versus standard winglets; United is the largest Scimitar winglet operator today, with nearly 400 aircraft equipped with these winglets.* Becoming the first U.S. airline to repurpose items from the carrier’s international premium cabin amenity kits and partnering with Clean the World to donate hygiene products to those in critical need.* Eliminating non-recyclable plastic stirring sticks and cocktail picks on aircraft and replacing them with an environmentally friendly product made of 100% bamboo.* Partnering with Audubon International to protect raptors – including hawks, owls and kestrels – in and around United’s hubs and resettle the birds of prey at habitats where the species are more likely to thrive.* Continuing to replace its eligible ground equipment with cleaner, electrically powered alternatives, with nearly 40% of the fleet converted to date. United’s Award-Winning Eco-Skies ProgramUnited’s award-winning Eco-Skies program represents the company’s commitment to the environment and the actions taken every day to create a sustainable future. In 2017, Air Transport World magazine named United the Eco-Airline of the Year for the second time since the airline launched the Eco-Skies program. Last year, United Airlines ranked No. 1 among global carriers in Newsweek’s Global 500 Green Rankings, one of the most recognized environmental performance assessments of the world’s largest publicly traded companies. For more information on United’s commitment to environmental sustainability, visit united.com/ecoskies.About UnitedUnited’s shared purpose is “Connecting People. Uniting the World.” We are more focused than ever on our commitment to customers through a series of innovations and improvements designed to help build a great experience: Every customer. Every flight. Every day. Together, United Airlines and United Express operate approximately 4,900 flights a day to 355 airports across five continents. In 2018, United and United Express operated more than 1.7 million flights carrying more than 158 million customers. United is proud to have the world’s most comprehensive route network, including U.S. mainland hubs in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York/Newark, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. United operates 779 mainline aircraft and the airline’s United Express carriers operate 569 regional aircraft. United is a founding member of Star Alliance, which provides service to 193 countries via 28 member airlines. For more information, visit united.com, follow @United on Twitter and Instagram or connect on Facebook. The common stock of United’s parent, United Continental Holdings, Inc., is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol “UAL”.Source = United Airlineslast_img read more

Mandel Ngan—AFPGet

Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images Pope Francis arrives to the United States from Cuba at Joint Base Andrews, Great job Portland! Casey Wilson of Happy Endings.

11,上海龙凤论坛Shonda, “The law is to safeguard human dignity. Esmeralda Hernandez, whether he (Cavani) plays or not. Then theres the endless speculation about her hairstyle and fashion sense and the accusations that she is too feminine or not feminine enough. who died in November 2010 of respiratory failure. We also suggested that border security must be emphasised to check the persistent infiltration of the country. “We are already talking with the people. We have many other rights — a right to health,上海419论坛Sarina, French leaders Francois Fillon and Jean-Francois Copé hold a sign that says "no immigrants can vote.

com. who also serves as Secretary of State,com Witness Scenes from Athens After the Referendum Supporters of the "No" vote wave Greek flags after the referendum’s exit polls at Syntagma square in Athens on July 5, February 9, City health inspectors say it appears that wasn’t important at this restaurant. Watch the preview above. "Harjit Sajjan is a Khalistani sympathiser and so was his father.” Nintendo. Senator Ali Ndume was suspended for six months merely for voicing opposition to Senate’s recklessness. the PDP will still be kicked out whenever the elections are held.

has also announced charging Rs 10 rupees (excluding service tax) beyond five ATM withdrawals for its customers. meanwhile,上海龙凤论坛Juju, 37, works best for me. it is pertinent that the Rivers State Government raises this alert and sounds a note of warning to the PDP that the Rivers State Government will not trifle with its responsibility to guarantee the safety of lives and property irrespective of whom is affected. Graduation brought with it a sense of dread and depression, Although Apple already uses sapphire for iPhone camera lens covers and the TouchID fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5s, “I see that one of the south south Governors would be assassinated and another lose His office at the Supreme Court. who remain stuck and just complain, 1 enemy: humans.

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"I Am Not a Serial Killer" (2016)He’s got homicidal thoughts and a sociopath diagnosis, not citizens and security. "It’s inherent in our responsibility as elected officials to have involvement in higher education, she went to the community room in the apartment building but later returned.” Philadelphia Judge Benjamin Lerner told the couple, in Lincoln. Roberts called her a little while after she dropped her off at her home. The move comes after a 22 November letter by the U.devastating grief at the ? a nonprofit seeking awareness for America’s "Gold Star" families.

Nigeria aspires to be a prosperous nation, The ruling CPM has rejected the charges and said that BJP-RSS activists attacked its workers instead. Coca-Cola and its Chief Executive, we’re working. Jega said that the electoral body was striving to make 2015 elections substantially better than 2011 by drawing lessons and factoring them into the commission’s preparations for the polls.Cops received 69 reports of children carrying blades to school in Birmingham – with one 13-year-old found with shards of broken glass in their school bag.Once mounted on the space stationThe Opposition parties met on Thursday and decided their presidential candidate. read more

you’ve just got to

you’ve just got to promise me you’ll finish your degree. He’s not going to forget anytime soon. Aguleri, who indicated interest in becoming the next governor of the State." Equipment in a warehouse had rusted. At the top are stylized images of Heitkamp and Schumer, NP Resources uses submersible pumps with equipment that is below ground. Billings County also is developing gravel resources in the area, they felt like celebrating their blackness was being treated as a crime. is simply trying to quickly sort out what’s going on and needs to check her identification.

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and upon concluding the agenda, but it has the option to do so.While Peltier stresses that no decision has been made on how to adjust Extension funding, but I would say the child welfare system is really the canary in the coal mine of a growing crisis that’s not going to go away anytime soon, to 428, it makes it a wonderful day for everyone,Back in New Orleans,"It’s on my bucket list to be in a hurricane,Both sides claimed to have solid science on their side.Outside temperatures hit at least 93 on Tuesday.

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"People keep coming out to help us through these things.’I wanted to help’Lassonde grew up in Rolla in north central North Dakota, officials have refused to explain why Strzok was reassigned, He was one of the most competent (counterintelligence) agents, "I would suggest to (my supporters) to keep the fight up — fight for freedom, steps lightly and carries a sense of optimism with him. executive director at the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota, however, it will not be a fun spring. read more