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(Source: File Photo) Top News Luxury Lifestyle Weekend (LLW), decor, which is also an indictment of an shlf1314n male’s hypocritical view of sex – and his comeuppance. he even broke “the easiest and most obvious expectation to fulfil – of picking only shlf1314n (or shlf1314n-origin) writes for an shlf1314n anthology being brought out by an shlf1314n publisher for an shlf1314n readership”. That means that humans lived in the Arctic more than 10, Pitulko et al. Science The researchers flew the block of ice by cargo plane to their zoological institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences in St Petersburg The injuries reminded Tikhonov of more modern human hunting practices Elephant hunters in Africa for example often target the base of the trunk to cut arteries causing the animal to bleed to death The mammoth also had injuries to its jaw that suggest the tongue was cut out Pieces of the tusk were removed perhaps to get ivory to produce tools “This is a rare case for unequivocal evidence for clear human involvement” says lead author Vladimir Pitulko also of the Russian Academy of Sciences The injuries also fit with the pattern of damage seen on another butchered mammoth in Yana also in Siberia according to the authors “One can almost see the blow-by-blow battle between people and mammoth fought on those frozen plains” says Curtis Marean a paleoanthropologist at Arizona State University Tempe who was not involved with the study “The impact wounds on the bones with embedded stone fragments is conclusive evidence that people slayed this mammoth” The big surprise though is the age Radiocarbon dates on the collagen from the mammoth’s tibia bone as well as from hair and muscle tissue produce a direct date of 45000 years the team reports online today in Science This fits with dating of the layer of sediments above the carcass which suggest it was older than 40000 years If correct this means the mammoth was alive during the heyday of woolly mammoths 42000 to 44000 years ago when they roamed the vast open grasslands of the northern steppe of the Siberian Arctic Pitulko says Researchers also have dated a thighbone of a modern human to 45000 years at Ust-Ishim in Siberia although that was found south of the Arctic at a latitude of 57° north a bit north (and east) of Moscow “The dating is compelling It’s likely older than 40000” says Douglas Kennett an environmental archaeologist who is co-director of the Pennsylvania State University University Park’s accelerator mass spectrometry facility However he would like the Russian team to report the method used to rule out contamination of the bone collagen for dating—and confirmation of the dates on the bone by another lab because the date is so critical for the significance of this discovery Mammoths and other large animals such as woolly rhinoceros and reindeer may have been the magnet that drew humans to the Far North “Mammoth hunting was an important part of survival strategy not only in terms of food but in terms of important raw materials—tusks ivory that they desperately needed to manufacture hunting equipment” Pitulko says The presence of humans in the Arctic this early also suggests they had the adaptive ability to make tools warm clothes and temporary shelters that allowed them to live in the frigid north earlier than thought They had to adapt to the cold to traverse Siberia and Beringia on their way to the Bering Strait’s land bridge which they crossed to enter the Americas “Surviving at those latitudes requires highly specialized technology and extreme cooperation” Marean agrees That implies that these were modern humans rather than Neandertals or other early members of the human family “If these hunters could survive in the Arctic Circle 45000 years ago they could have lived virtually anywhere on Earth” says Ted Goebel an archaeologist at Texas A&M University College Station Is evolution predictable? And did an "Earth-Mars" collision happen in an alien solar system? What about you? Prior to this.

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