MMJ’s Jim James Releases “Same Old Lie” Video & Message In Protest Of Donald Trump

first_imgIndependent website 30 Days, 30 Songs is currently on Day 4 of their mission to release one song per day until Election Day. Their mission is to motivate voters to go out and vote, specifically against Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Today, the site featured My Morning Jacket’s front man Jim James, and his solo track “Same Old Lie.”James had this to say about The Donald:“The fact that the United States is even remotely considering the idea of a Donald Trump presidency is so very, very disturbing. How has this bully who capitalizes on the destruction of humanity somehow been given a free pass? We need to be working for peace, love, and equality. We need to find new and better ways to take care of each other, to make this nation a place where all feel safe and welcome, regardless of race, sex, or creed. We can’t be ruled by the fear and hatred that Trump continues to push down our throats. Let’s sing our songs and cast our votes and work together to help make this country the center of peace and love that we all know it can be.”30 Days, 30 Songs is very clear as to why they dislike Trump, “We will not be duped by his his rhetorical contortions, by his pandering and lies and false promises,” continuing by saying “His words incite hatred and celebrate inequity.”Conversely, they give their reasoning as to why, despite not necessarily loving her, finding her uninspiring and having faults of her own, Democratic Presidential Hillary Clinton is clearly a better choice and more qualified to lead the nation, “you don’t have to fall in love with a candidate. This is not a romance. We are electing the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. This is a decision for the head, not the heart.”Take a listen to James’ “Same Old Lie”:[photo courtesy of Marc Millman Photography]last_img