Richard Jones missing for 40 years

Brantford police are on the lookout for a man last seen, 40 years ago.With little to no documentation pertaining to Richard Jones, police are using 21st century tools to help his family locate him.Family members and Brantford police are all wondering the same thing, where is Ricky Jones.Richard ‘Ricky’ Henry Jones has been missing for nearly 40 years.At 19 years old, Ricky was enrolled in the Graphic Arts Program at Oakville’s Sheridan College, he vanished in his first semester.Ricky was last seen leaving his family home at 45 Clench Avenue in the Fall of 1975, none of his family live here anymore, his mother died the following year and Ricky never made it out to her funeral.Ricky’s sister, Diane, who lives in Calgary and was unavailable for an interview, doesn’t remember an official missing person’s report ever being made back in 1975.Police had issues with their family at the time and one person thought the other person reported him missing and now that the sister is up in age she wants to know where Ricky is.Now that Ricky has been formally reported missing, police have a daunting task ahead of themBecause this isn’t a criminal investigation police can’t obtain search warrants and the Canada Revenue Agency has denied police access to Jones’ files, if they even exist.Brantford police tweeted about Jones’ dissapearance, so far they’ve heard from a few classmates who attended college with Jones.They’re also hoping social media activity catches Jones’ attention, if he’s alive and prompt him to contact his relatives. But if he hasn’t in four decades, why now?Because police are working with next to nothing, they can’t say whether Ricky Jones, who would be 59 this year, is alive or even in the country.They’re working with Sheridan College to see when Ricky was last seen on campus but speaking with a college representative and seeing that the first personal computer was released the year Jones’ went missing will be very difficult locating his files that could lead to his whereabouts. read more