Ecopetrol completes stake sale in Colombian Caribbean deep water blocks

first_imgThe transaction includes a new gas province discovered in the Kronos (2015), Purple Angel and the Gorgon (2017) wells The deal was reached in February this year. (Credit: wasi1370 from Pixabay) Empresa Colombiana de Petróleos  (Ecopetrol), a Columbian oil and gas company, announced that it has completed the 50% sale of its stake in the Fuerte Sur, Purple Angel and COL-5 blocks, located in Colombian Caribbean deep water, to Shell.The deal was reached in February this year, when Ecopetrol had agreed to sell its stake to Shell EP Offshore Ventures, one of Shell’s subsidiaries.The transaction includes a new gas province discovered in the Kronos (2015), Purple Angel and the Gorgon (2017) wells.As per Ecopetrol, the transaction aligns with its strategic priorities in its business plan, which is focused on its reserves and production growth.Ecopetrol and Shell plan to drill an appraisal well by next yearWhen the deal was first announced, Ecopetrol stated that Shell will finance its investments and will assume operation of the blocks, drilling of an appraisal well in the area by the end of next year and also plans to complete the first production test, once approval from Columbian authorities is received.Ecopetrol further said that, if the planned activities offer positive results, the discoveries could be developed further.A few days ago, Shell’s subsidiary QGC Common Facilities had agreed to sell 26.25% interest in the Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) Common Facilities to Global Infrastructure Partners Australia for $2.5bn.Presently, the Common Facilities are 100% owned by the Dutch oil and gas company and incudes LNG storage tanks, jetties and operations infrastructure that service QCLNG’s LNG trains.After the deal is closed, Shell will continue to remain as the majority owner and operator of the Common Facilities.last_img read more

Terrapin Family Band Welcomes Jake Peavy, Jerry Harrison, & More To Honor John Perry Barlow At Brooklyn Bowl [Full-Show Audio/Video]

first_imgDeadheads gathered at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City on Thursday to dance the night away in tribute to the late John Perry Barlow, the beloved Grateful Dead lyricist and Internet freedom pioneer who died one year ago. To celebrate Barlow’s life, members of the Terrapin Family Band including Jason Crosby, Grahame Lesh, Ross James, and Alex Koford were joined by a mix of friends and special guests ranging from Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), Josh Kaufman, Elliott Peck, professional baseball player/outspoken Deadhead Jake Peavy, Rachel Ana Dobken, Brian Stollery, and more.The first set opener of the Thursday night show featured the standard TFB lineup of Lesh (guitar), Crosby (keyboard), James (bass/guitar), Kaufman (guitar), Peck (vocals), and Koford (drums) starting out with a lively rendition of “Mexicali Blues” from Bob Weir‘s Ace solo LP, followed by “My Brother Esau”. Singer Rachel Ana Dobken and bassist Brian Stollery then came to the stage to perform “Black Throated Wind”, with Dobken on vocals. The band then turned into a stripped-down quartet for the next song with Lesh, Koford, Crosby, and Stollery performing “Blow Away” from the Dead’s Built To Last LP. The next song saw Ross James return to the stage with his guitar to sing and play on a lively rendition of “Throwing Stones”. Lesh then brought out multi-instrumentalist Leslie Mendelson to help sing “Looks Like Rain” while strumming away on her acoustic guitar.Next, it was Talking Heads‘ guitarist Jerry Harrison’s turn to make his way to the stage to sing and play guitar for a rugged rendition of Barlow and Weir’s Dead anthem, “I Need A Miracle”. Harrison then took a seat at the piano to help perform a cover of Talking Heads’ “Heaven”, featuring Aishlin Harrison on vocals and Crosby on violin to close out the first half of the show. Fans can check out the video below to watch the first few songs from the opening set.John Perry Barlow Tribute – Set One Opener[Video: Relix]Following some emotional speeches by Barlow’s close friends and family during set break, the band returned to start the second half of the show with the help of Bob Weir. Weir appeared on the Brooklyn Bowl screens with his guitar to get the band started into “Ki-Yi Bossie”, a folky cowboy tune from his 2016 Blue Mountain solo album, featuring Mendelson on lead vocals. Mendelson then left the stage for the standard TFB lineup to perform “Just a Little Light”, another Dead tune from their latter era catalogue. Next, it was professional baseball pitcher and guitarist Jake Peavy’s turn to jam out for a little, helping the band play through some heady live versions of “The Music Never Stopped” with Peck on backing vocals, and “Feel Like A Stranger”, with some fantastic lead guitar work from Lesh during the latter.Peavy left the stage for Lesh and Peck to take the band into “Let It Flow”, featuring more excellent heady solo work between Lesh and Ross James. The show continued with two fantastic performances of “Saint of Circumstance”, followed by “Estimated Prophet”, with everyone in the audience singing along to the latter’s anthemic chorus to close out the set. Following a brief speech by Pete Shapiro, Barlow’s daughters then returned to the stage alongside Lesh to perform an enchanting duet cover of  “I Will Take You Home”. The full band, plus Jerry Harrison, returned to the stage for the final song of the night with a group performance of “Cassidy”.Fans can watch the entire performance from Thursday in the video below.Terrapin Family Band – Songs of John Perry Barlow Tribute (full show) – 2/7/2019 [Video: Relix]Now, you can listen to the full show below, courtesy of taper McRoberts.Terrapin Family Band – Songs of John Perry Barlow Tribute (full audio) – 2/7/2019[Audio: McRoberts]Setlist: Terrapin Family Band with Special Guests | Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY | 2/7/19Set One: Mexicali Blues, My Brother Esau, Black Throated Wind, Blow Away, Throwing Stones, Looks Like Rain, Heaven (Talking Heads cover)Set Two: Ki-Yi Bossie (Bob Weir cover), Jast a Little Light, The Music Never Stopped, Feel Like A Stranger, Let It Flow, Saint of Circumstance, Estimated ProphetEncore: I Will Take You Home, Cassidylast_img read more

Pregnancy weight gain

first_imgA pregnant woman must eat and drink more than normal to ensure the proper growth and development of her baby. The amount of weight to gain during pregnancy depends on body weight before pregnancy. Most women in the normal weight range will need to gain between 25 pounds and 35 pounds during pregnancy. These mothers can expect to gain 3 pound to 5 pounds during the first trimester and 1 pound to 2 pounds per week during the second and third trimesters. If weight is gained more rapidly than this, the woman should cut back empty calories from desserts, sugary drinks and salty snacks. An overweight woman entering pregnancy should gain less, usually 15 pounds. An underweight woman would need to gain more, up to 40 pounds. Too much or too little weight gain can be harmful to mother and baby. A doctor will know the appropriate weight gain for an individual pregnancy. Women shouldn’t look to just gain weight. Pregnant women need to make calories count. Eating a balanced diet is important throughout life. It’s even more important for a woman who wants to have a baby. She should eat a variety of foods and take a multivitamin with 400 micrograms of folic acid before and during pregnancy to ensure all necessary vitamins and minerals – especially iron and folate – are being consumed. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends pregnant women consume 6 ounces of bread, cereal or other grains each day, along with 2.5 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of fruit, 5 ounces of meat and beans and 3 cups of milk or yogurt. This should come in at least three to six small meals per day. Eating often in the first trimester will help to control nausea. Small, frequent meals in the last trimester work well, too. As the baby gets bigger, the woman will have less room for large meals and more problems with heartburn.last_img read more

School lunch choices

first_imgLast August, Georgia students returned to school and found some familiar friends missing from their cafeterias — sodium, fat and sugar. This school year, processed grains continue their exit. In the first overhaul of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s federal school lunch menu requirements in 15 years, the USDA requires foods in every compartment of those old plastic lunch trays to get a healthy update. Schools must offer a greater variety and number of vegetables, fruits and whole grains and serve fewer fatty foods, such as fries and pizza. For the 2012-2013 school year, half of the offered grains were whole grains. By July 2014, all grain options will be whole grains. School nutrition directors also reduced the amount of sodium in meals and reduced the number of grain-based desserts on the menus, which is good news for the 74 percent of Georgia students who eat school lunch, said Connie Crawley, a University of Georgia Cooperative Extension nutrition and health specialist. School lunches will have specific reduced sodium requirements in 2014 as the start of a 10-year initiative. By 2023, elementary school lunches will have 640 mg or less of sodium, and high schools will have 740 mg or less. “The issue is ‘Will the kids consume the foods on the new menus?’ Frankly, I think the acceptance of the new menus will probably be slow at first,” Crawley said. “Younger kids who do not know the old menus may eventually accept the new patterns better when they become the norm over a number of years.” Crawley said new menus may face initial resistance, but acceptance will grow over time. Positive reinforcement from parents and teachers — and providing healthy students healthy food to consume at meals and snack on when they are home — will ease the transition, Crawley said. One of the changes that students may notice this year is a switch from the customary cookie or cake square to a serving of fruit or yogurt for dessert. “Grain-based desserts will only be offered twice a week. These will have to be trans fat-free which means they must be made without shortening,” Crawley said. “The 2010 Dietary Guidelines stated that these are a major source of extra calories for children and adults, so this is a good change.” Any milk that was not low fat or non-fat was ousted last year. Fat-free milks can be unflavored or flavored, but low-fat milks must be unflavored. Lactose free or lactose-reduced milk are listed as “acceptable substitutions” for children if needed due to lactose intolerance.Fruit juice qualifies as an offering of fruit under the new guidelines, but Crawley said it does not provide the benefits that whole fruit offers. “[100 percent] fruit juice, however, will be an option at school,” Crawley said. “I hope this changes over time. Children need more fiber from fruit, and juice has none.” When it comes to drink options, water should be the first choice, she said. “The main beverage for everyone — children and adults — should be plain water first,” Crawley said. “Again, this is something kids have to learn to prefer. If every beverage they ever drink is colored and sweet, that is what they will want.” Most dietitians and pediatricians do not recommend juice, sports drinks, energy drinks or flavored milks for children. While lunchroom fare is getting healthier, many schools still have snack machines or other vending operations that offer students a junk food fix. According to a study by the National School Health Policies and Programs Study, a majority of schools have at least one source of competitive food, including 43 percent of elementary schools, 74 percent of middle schools and 98 percent of high schools. Crawley suggests parents and parent organizations work with school principals to decide what foods should be offered in vending machines, school snack bars or other sources outside of the school meal program. “This again is a matter where schools and parents must cooperate for the benefit of the children/teens…There are healthier vending machines that can be installed that have fruits, dried fruits, whole grain crackers, yogurt and nuts,” Crawley said. Offering healthy snacks at home can encourage good choices from vending machines, Crawley said. Packing healthier snacks to take to school and not providing money for vending machine foods can also decrease vending machine use. “It takes making better food choices both at home and at school so kids get used to the flavors of healthier foods. This is a huge undertaking, but it is going to save our children’s lives,” Crawley said. “If we continue the way we are currently feeding our children, they are going to be suffering from serious health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease in their 20s and 30s.”last_img read more

How to add secure forms to your credit union website

first_imgOne of the more common questions we get from our credit union website clients is “how can we put secure forms on our website?”Credit unions can be far more efficient if they replace paper forms and processes with online forms. And of course, no-contact member service is a lot safer all around if you don’t have to pass around slices of dead trees.Forms are also a great way to make your website more interactive by enabling easier two-way communication from your members.Some ways credit unions use secure forms“Quick” loan apps – asking just a few questions to get the ball rolling is a great way to generate hot leads for followup without forcing the member to fill out a long loan app. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

‘Pocong’ out to keep residents in

first_imgTopics : As regions nationwide have enforced restrictions on people’s movement in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19, some local authorities are resorting to unorthodox methods in imposing the virus control measures.Young people from Kesongo hamlet of Kepuh village in Central Java’s Sukoharjo regency, for example, stayed at the entrance gate to the hamlet dressed up as pocong (shroud ghosts of Indonesian legend).”The pocong is not to scare residents; instead, we want to educate residents on the fact that coronavirus causes death. It is a shock therapy, as people usually [pay more attention] to anything related to death,” Anjar Panca, the keeper of Kesongo’s Al Himmah mosque, said on Wednesday. The pocong guards monitor guests coming into the hamlet and make sure residents obey the government’s restrictions on social gatherings.”During the past three days, no residents were seen going out at night. Apparently, they’re scared of the fake ghost,” Anjar claimed.The head of Kesongo hamlet’s neighborhood unit, Karno Supadmo, said the pocong guards had been deployed on the initiative of residents, and they were positive about the measure, as it aimed to prevent a greater virus outbreak in the area.As of Thursday, Central Java has confirmed 104 cases of COVID-19, seven of which have ended deadly. Nationwide, COVID-19 has infected 1,790 and killed 170 people.center_img According to Karno, the pocong stood by the entrance gate from 8 p.m. to midnight every day. They would do an ID check on every guest coming into the hamlet and ask about the purpose of their visit.Read also: Regions start enforcing curfews to flatten Indonesia’s COVID-19 curveIn Galang village, Welak district of West Manggarai regency in East Nusa Tenggara, local officials were using myth and local folklore to prevent people from going out at night.”One way to keep them from going out during the COVID-19 pandemic is resorting to kating (scaring people) with myth or local folklore. Our ancestors used to do it to scare children to prevent them from going out at night,” village head Marianus Samsung told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.”If the government’s calls [for physical distancing] are ignored, we will use kating,” he said.He added that he himself and local officials were scared to go out, even to visit other kampungs on duty, because of COVID-19.In Mojokerto regency of East Java, traffic police officers wore helmets resembling supersized virus cells while disinfecting vehicles and informing local residents on the preventive measures against COVID-19 at the Kenanten junction.”Stay alert, but don’t panic. Keep a distance and stay out of crowds,” were some of the messages delivered to the residents according to the deputy head of Mojokerto Police, Comr. David, as reported by Kompas on Tuesday.”We made the coronavirus helmets this afternoon so that people would become more aware of the danger the virus poses,” he said. (trn)last_img read more

Dutch pension funds untroubled by risk of Greece contagion

first_imgWilbrink added that PGGM had a dedicated team to monitor the situation and keep its clients updated on a daily basis.APG, the €424bn asset manager for the large civil service pension fund ABP, also has a “very limited” exposure to Greece, according to Harmen Geers, its spokesman.He said it recently divested its remaining position in Greek banks and noted that market volatility had been lower than expected. “We don’t expect that the current turmoil will affect economic growth or the long-term perspective of our investment portfolio,” he said. Earlier, APG made clear that it had already factored in the scenario that Greece would leave the euro.At the time, Geers said it also had a system in place to deal with a new currency. Back then, he argued that any remaining investments in Greece would not be rendered worthless following a Grexit, but that their value would depend on the exchange rate between the euro and a new currency.The €43bn metal scheme PME said it had already divested its entire holdings of Greek government bonds several years ago, and that its remaining investments in Greece were so limited that its funding would not suffer if the country left the euro-zone.APG spokeswoman Gerda Smits said: “We expect that the turmoil on the financial markets will be temporary.”She added that PME was trying to find out how to get hold of its pensioners living in Greece to make sure they kept on receiving their benefits. PMT, the €65bn scheme for the metalworking and mechanical engineering sector, said it divested all its direct investments in Greece, including government bonds.Its preparations for a Grexit included the effects of increasing interest spreads, according to Annemieke Biesheuvel, spokeswoman for the fund.Meanwhile, the developments in Greece have already led to a decrease in Dutch pension funds’ funding today, as a consequence of falling interest rates.By mid-morning, the 30-year swap rate fell by 12 basis points to 1.68% compared with Friday, according to Dennis van Ek, actuary at consultant Mercer.He added that this translated into a decrease of almost 2.5 percentage points of the average pension fund’s coverage ratio to no more than 110%.Van Ek noted that investors were scaling back risks by replacing the equity and government bonds of peripheral countries for the AAA government paper of Germany and the Netherlands in particular.He said that, while the interest level of these “safe” government bonds had fallen, the interest on 10-year Spanish and Italian bonds has increased by 20 basis points since Friday.He added that interest on Greek government paper with the same duration had climbed by 3.5 percentage points to 13.5% by mid-morning. The larger pension funds in the Netherlands expect little direct impact from any eventual Greek departure from the euro-zone, as their exposure to the beleaguered country is very limited or even non-existent.In a blog posted on Friday, Peter Borgdorff, director at the €178bn healthcare scheme PFZW, said the remaining stake of his pension fund was no more than 0.03%, and that a Grexit would not have a direct impact on its funding. Maurice Wilbrink, spokesman for PGGM, the asset manager for PFZW, declined to provide details on the scheme’s indirect exposure, such as through the government bonds of Italy or Spain. But he did say: “The markets are waiting for the outcome of the Greek referendum, and we observe that the volatility in equity markets, interest rates and the euro itself has not increased.”last_img read more

NPFL: Enyimba edge Rivers United in Aba

first_imgRelatedPosts Rivers United again reject Point-Per-Game format NPFL 2019/2020 season: Rivers United insist they finished second, not third Iyaye says Rivers United have cleared outstanding liabilities to Akurugu Enyimba Football Club have moved within one point of the top of the Nigeria Professional Football League after sealing a 1-0 win over Rivers United in a drab fixture at the Enyimba Stadium on Thursday.Victor Mbaoma fired in the only goal with a 24th minute freekick to lift the eight times champions above their neighbours.Center back Austin Opara was handed his Enyimba debut and youngster Orok Gabriel made his first league start as Usman Abd’Allah made seven changes to the team that started against San Pedro in the CAF Confederation Cup four days earlier.Despite playing together for the first time, Orok and Mbaoma formed a sleek partnership to light up the opening stages, with the latter benefiting from the former’s tailored pass for the game’s first chance, pulling a save from Ospino Egbe.Mbaoma came close again with a smart effort on the turn, but watched it go slightly over the top.The goal eventually arrived midway through the half when Mbaoma’s well hit freekick from the edge of the box was pushed into the top corner by Egbe.Mbaoma continued to impress his character on the fixture, trying a similar effort from thirty-five yards, but Egbe stood strong to parry out.The visitors, largely buoyed by the introductions of Nelson Essor and Fortune Omoniwari, gave a better fight in the second half, but hardly threatened with goalmouth moments.The half’s biggest highlight, meanwhile, came on the hour when Mbaoma’s freekick left Stanley Dimgba unchallenged, but the winger fired wide from close range.Anayo Iwuala came on for the Dimgba while Samson Obi replaced the impressive Orok as Enyimba held strong for their fourth win in the league.Now one point behind leaders Plateau United, Enyimba will hope for the return of some of their regulars for Sunday’s trip to Dakkada FC. Tags: Enyimba FCRivers Unitedlast_img read more

Williamson not fond of birthday wishes on social media, reveals Jimmy Neesham

first_imgAUCKLAND: New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, who turned 30 on Saturday, does not like being wished on social media, revealed teammate and all-rounder Jimmy Neesham. Neesham was asked on Twitter why he hasn’t posted anything on Williamson’s birthday. “If you know Kane well, you know the best gift you can give him is NOT putting up an Instagram wishing him a happy birthday,” Neesham replied. Williamson and Neesham were part of the New Zealand team that reached the final of the 2019 World Cup. Last month, former New Zealand captain Glenn Turner rated Williamson ahead of Indian captain Virat Kohli when it comes to tough batting conditions. Kohli and Williamson are regarded as two of the finest batsmen in modern-day cricket. As per the latest ICC Test rankings, Kohli and Williamson are placed at second and fourth spots respectively and have been leading their respective teams with great aplomb for a while now. Turner believes Kohli’s ability to play spin is second to none but he rated Williamson ahead of him to bat in challenging batting conditions. “Kohli is less likely to have been exposed early in his development to seaming pitches and the ball continuing to swing for extended periods, whereas Williamson will have experienced those conditions more often,” Turner was quoted as saying by The Telegraph. “I would only say that under tougher batting conditions, I would back Williamson ahead of Kohli. Under good batting conditions, Kohli is likely to be more dominant, thereby providing his team with more time to get a favourable result,” he added. IANS Also Watch: CHECK OUT: Likham: The Book Made of Goldlast_img read more

Indian Premier League IPL 2019 playoff scenarios: Four teams in the hunt for fourth spot

first_imghighlights New Delhiipl 2019 playoff scenario: The result of the Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad match had massive ramifications for teams like Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab. A win for Sunrisers Hyderabad would have resulted in the automatic elimination of Rajasthan Royals and either of Kings XI Punjab or Kolkata Knight Riders. However, Mumbai Indians secured a thrilling win in the super over and they became the third team after Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings to secure a spot in the playoffs. With just five games remaining, four teams are still in the fray for the fourth spot. Chennai Super Kings are in the top spot and are virtually assured of a top-two finish while Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians will be striving to end in the top two. Here is what the remaining teams need to do to seal the fourth spot.Sunrisers HyderabadPosition: 4P -13, W – 6, L – 7, Points: 12Remaining games: vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (May 4)What they must do: With a loss to Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad must win against Royal Challengers Bangalore. If they lose to Royal Challengers Bangalore, they will have to hope Delhi Capitals beat Rajasthan Royals and that Kolkata Knight Riders either lose to Kings XI Punjab or Mumbai Indians while Kings XI Punjab lose one out of their two games. However, they have the best net run-rate and that could help them in the playoffs. Rajasthan RoyalsPosition: 5P – 13, W – 5, L – 7, Points: 11Remaining games: vs Delhi Capitals (May 4)What they must do: With Sunrisers Hyderabad losing to Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals are alive and they will have to win against Delhi Capitals. If they lose, they are out of the race. If Rajasthan Royals win, they will have to hope Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab win only one game and that Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Sunrisers Hyderabad.Kolkata Knight RidersPosition: 6P – 12, W – 5, L – 7, Points: 10Remaining games: vs Kings XI Punjab (May 3), vs Mumbai Indians (May 5)What they must do: With Sunrisers Hyderabad losing by a small margin, Kolkata Knight Riders have to win both their games by a big margin. If they lose one game, they will have to win their other game by a massive margin. They will have to hope Royal Challengers Bangalore lose to Sunrisers Hyderabad and that Rajasthan Royals lose to Delhi Capitals.Kings XI PunjabPosition: 7P – 12, W – 5, L – 7, Points: 10Remaining games: vs Kolkata Knight Riders (May 3), vs Chennai Super Kings (May 5)What they must do:  They have to win both their games. Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders are in the same boat. If Kings XI Punjab wins both their games, they will knock Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals out. If they win one of their games, they will have to hope Sunrisers Hyderabad lose to Royal Challengers Bangalore by a big margin. Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab square off in a massive clash on Friday.Rajasthan Royals need to win against Delhi Capitals.A loss for Sunrisers Hyderabad in their last game might see them getting eliminated. For all the Latest Sports News News, Indian Premier League News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

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